Let me paint you a picture.

Imagine ~ A comfortable couch with an array of beautiful, decorative pillows calling to you to come rest within a bright, pristine room.  A large oversized mirror reflects gorgeous light in all directions from the clean windows looking out over the garden or treetops. How do you feel in this room: calm, peaceful, serene?

Now let’s imagine ~ A small, outdated room.   A dim florescent lighting casts a yellow glow on a tattered sofa in the corner that long ago needed to be replaced.  The paint is chipping, the wallpaper curling.... you get the picture right?

Which room would you choose to occupy?  The choice is easy isn’t it?

What if I told you that the space you inhabit is often a reflection of your life, an outward expression of your inner state of being.


Are you feeling...


Is your home stuck in a time warp? Are you stuck, having trouble moving forward?


Are your closets overstuffed with outdated,ill fitting or unworn clothes that you can’t seem to discard?  What thoughts or fears are you holding onto that no longer serve you?


Are you avoiding repairs, a remodel of your home? Are you feeling personally undervalued or overwhelmed?


Is everything in your home placed so perfectly that it appears soulless?  Do you present an inauthentic picture of yourself to the outside world for fear of  being judged or to gain validation?


With a shift in perspective, I can help you end the negative mind chatter and break through limiting beliefs in order to clear a path to positivity, empowerment, manifesting abundance, joyfulness and productivity.  The goal is to live your best life full of beauty and balance, possibility and passion.  Think of it as a makeover for your head, heart and home!


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