Carrie's Story

You have to live it to give it.

This is a phrase used often in the life coach program. Having experienced my own personal and business transformations and reinventions over the years, practicing interior design and becoming a certified life coach gives me a unique perspective on how to help you transform: your life, your thoughts, your home.  Everything is energy!  Our home holds energy just as our thoughts hold energy.  It is not enough to have a beautiful space anymore, we must be mindful of the energy we bring into that space.

After having my children, I left behind a career in fashion to join my mother’s growing interior design business.  I brought to it the same passion and focus that I put into my days as a fashion show coordinator, producer and stylist for print and video work.  I feel so fortunate to be able to help others create a home that reflects their unique aesthetic and as a coach, if  I can be of service to bring clarity to a situation that someone is struggling with,  all the better!

Through my studies in psychology in college, coupled with my own experience of feeling stuck or powerless over things beyond my control, I realized I needed tools to “retrain my brain” and maybe others did as well.  Becoming a certified Martha Beck life coach resonated and intrigued me.  As an interior designer, I understand the deep connection our home has on our psyche and saw such a strong connection between the two.

Building a new framework, opening the curtain on a new path to possibility and inner peace starts on the inside and reflects outward.  Design from Within was created not just as an interior design business but as an “interior” redesign business.

I am candid and authentic.  I tell it like it is. I love being sociable, I love being solitary.  I am a good listener and a good communicator.  I make conscious choices based on the mind-body connection and can help you do the same.  I am curious and adventurous.  I try to make every experience the best it can be.  I am passionate about helping empower others to find the piece of the puzzle that is missing to help them live BeautiFULLY! 


Let me help you design a new story for yourself and learn to Live Beauti~FULLY!