Stories of success through design.


"I have worked with Carrie for many years on several projects. We have developed a short hand together. I value her and trust her design vision. Her coaching practice was a natural extension of her design practice. As I began to understand the coaching component and open up, Carrie’s compassion and insight brought clarity to a few areas in my life I was struggling with and decisions that needed to be made. And now... I am in love and happily married."

~ Beth S.


Carrie showed me how my living space was having a negative effect on my ability to make some important life decisions. After I moved from New York City to our first house, I felt overwhelmed. With three kids, the first project Carrie helped me with was designing a playroom/art room that worked for the whole family. Even with a background in design, when it came to my own space, I was feeling stuck and it was affecting me in ways I hadn't even considered. By starting with what was going on in my head, Carrie made the connection between my environment and my life--specifically, my career. I was at a standstill, unsure about some important professional decisions I needed to make and Carrie showed how creating a better, more efficient space for myself and my family would provide the emotional and mental clarity I was looking for. Since I worked with Carrie, my home is much more balanced and I've been able to make room for more joy and inspiration. I've also made some powerful career moves that are creating some pretty amazing opportunities for me. I am grateful to Carrie and her expertise, both with the fundamentals of good design and her ability to inspire change and encourage positive action.

~ Emily A.


I have seen Carrie transform ho hum to spectacular! I was anxious to become a client when the time was right. Carrie just so happened to be studying for her life coach certification at the time so I had the added benefit of conquering a few issues I had been struggling with as well. Carrie and I plowed through my home, room by room. We questioned what stayed, what went, what brought me happiness and what no longer served me. With each step I felt lighter, freer.  Carrie put her magic to work and gave me a home that truly reflected the “new me” AND I became more efficient and clear minded. Carrie’s techniques using her coaching tools as well as her design talent has been a transformative experience inside and out.

~ Terri R.


I was so thrilled with what Carrie did for me that I hired her immediately afterwards to do my vacation home. She exceeded my expectations on a tight time line and a tight budget!    

~ Sandy G.