Carrie engages and educates audiences using a dose of humor and a clear passion for the subject matter. With practical tips and real life examples, Carrie sheds light on how our homes may hold messages that can give us clues to guide us in the direction of change, if we know what to look for. Please fill out the form or contact me at carrie@carrieleskowitzinteriors.com to discuss how I may be of service.

Resolve to be Resilient in 2017!

As part of the Resolve to be Resilient Workshop Series, Pilates and More will be hosting award winning Interior Designer and Life Coach Carrie Leskowitz.

Interior design and life coaching is what Carrie is all about! she has a unique perspective on how to help you transform your home, life and thoughts. After doing years of creative work, she now, in turn, helps others create homes and lives that reflect their unique aesthetics. 

Through studies in psychology in college, Carrie has endless knowledge to help you "retain" your brain and open the curtain on a new path to possibility and inner peace ~ It all starts on the inside and reflects on the outward.

Carrie is a good listener and communicator, has great coping skills, makes conscious choices, feels empowered, and is curious and adventurous. 

She makes every experience the best it can be and lives more joyfully ~ YOU can too!

All are welcome:

Thursday, April 20th ~ 6:30pm - 8:30pm


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